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What is VSNC, Inc.

Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, Inc (VSNC, Inc.) is a 501c3 grassroots organization created to serve as a forum for the sharing of experiences and knowledge towards a cooperative working relationship among citizens, staff members, representatives of the private sector, and elected officials for the strengthening of our towns, cities, and counties, through the promotion of neighborhoods. Specific programs and services include the annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, newsletters, web site, and other related activities as approved by the Board of Directors which promote educational, social, and cultural objectives of the VSNC.

VSNC, Inc. is governed by a seven (7) member Board of Directors who serve voluntarily at their own expense to direct the ongoing business and policy of the organization, provide oversight of the Planning Committee for the implementation of the annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, and play a leadership role in promoting both our organization and the work of neighborhood-based activism and self-help initiatives across the Commonwealth of Virginia.