The Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Board of Directors is Excited to Offer a Change in Direction for the Annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference

Greetings everyone:

The COVID pandemic changed how we work, how we learn, and how we interact with one another. To say that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changed the world would be an understatement. Since the virus emerged, it has upended day-to-day lives across the globe and it has changed our society, in both good ways and bad. From how people interact with one another to how they cope with stress, social analyses have revealed that our behaviors have changed since the coronavirus pandemic was at its height, as isolation resulting from the lockdowns has led to longer-term problems such as uprising crime and violence in our neighborhoods to increased substance abuse and homelessness. But the pandemic's silver lining is that it has also led to a more virtual social connectedness with one another, both personally and professionally.

If you recall, during our 2022 virtual conference held on September 24th last year, conference attendees, both youth and adult, participated in a Town Hall led by Ms. Sabrina Carr, during which, the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference's past, present and future was discussed that eventually led into a conversation about the re-imaging of the annual conference moving forward. Ms. Carr led the conversation by asking, "When you see the VSNC vision statement (All neighborhoods in Virginia and beyond will be healthy, vibrant, thriving communities where people choose to invest, work, play and live), what comes to mind?”

Based upon the responses received, the VSNC Board of Directors has decided it is time for a change in the conference, and is currently working to "Reimagine the annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference". Maybe because our previous conference model is outdated and needs to be updated to meet today's societal changes and needs, or because we are hesitant to let go of previous conference activities cherished since the conference began in 1999, both have become valid starting points for the Board's decision to review the current conference model and create a conference that is more collaborative, more inclusive, and more sustainable for years to come.


With this said, the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Board of Directors, in partnership with the conference planning committee and our conference attendees, is currently using the following steps to get us there:

UNLEARNING: What about our current Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference model do we want to unlearn or let go of?

COMMUNITY: Who is critical to the future success of the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference?

VALUES: What core values create the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference's path in moving forward?

ASSETS: What current conference assets can the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference share or creatively redeploy?

STAKEHOLDERS: Which stakeholders does VSNC, Inc. need to involve in making our vision real?

Over the next several months, the Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Board and conference planning committee will be meeting to discuss the answers to these questions, and with your assistance and input, hopefully create a reimagined conference experience that will ensure your neighborhood, and all neighborhoods in Virginia and beyond, are healthy, vibrant, thriving communities where people choose to invest, work, play and live.

The Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Board of Directors appreciates your input and hope you will continue to share your thoughts and ideas with us by emailing them to:

In the meantime, please check back often as we will be updating our conference website as information becomes available. Thank you!

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2022 Neighborhood Award Winners Announced at 22nd Annual Conferance

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The Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, Inc. (VSNC) is proud to announce the winners of the 22nd Annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference’s ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ Awards who were recognized and honored during the virtual conference held on Saturday, September 24, 2022.

The following groups and/or individuals were the recipients of the 2022 Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference’s ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ Awards, as follows:

Project of the Year

  • Rosas Blancas, Fairfax,Virginia
  • Do Gooders, Hampton, Virginia
  • The Humble Hustle, Roanoke, Virginia

Youth Group Effort of the year

  • JR M.A.S.K. / HR M.A.S.K., Hampton Roads, Virginia

Additional information on each 2022 award winner is available at the following link.

Every neighborhood community has a success story. Start now to prepare for the 2023 Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Awards Program so you can let YOUR success story be heard. Submit your 2023 Awards Nomination Application form early!

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