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2022 Awards - Eligibility, Nomination Form and Submission, Award Ceremony


The annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Awards Program recognizes the accomplishments of outstanding neighborhood organizations and civic individuals from across the Commonwealth of Virginia who work diligently to enhance the quality of life in their communities. This year our Awards Program will focus on recognizing grassroots projects, activities and accomplishments that strengthen & support neighbors and their neighborhoods - Neighbors helping Neighbors. If your neighborhood project or activity focused on efforts to support neighbors during the Covid -19 Pandemic or to increase equity and access to underserved populations in a neighborhood, we invite you to enter the VSNC, Inc. 2022 Neighbors Helping Neighbors Awards Program.

Eligible projects must have been initiated & completed in your localities between June 2021 and May 2022.

The following four (4) NEIGHBORHOOD AWARD categories are available for recognition:

  1. PROJECT OF THE YEAR: Project, effort, and/or activity that has made a significant impact on a neighborhood or community that resulted in increased access and equity to services. This project can be the work of a neighborhood leader neighborhood organization and/or a grassroots non-profit working in partnership with a neighborhood organization.
  2. ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR: Individual who has had a significant positive impact on their neighborhood and community during the pandemic. Individuals who have participated in one or multiple projects/roles are eligible. Individuals whose service is defined by its longevity are most appropriate for this award.
  3. YOUTH INDIVIDUAL EFFORT OF THE YEAR: Effort of an individual youth who has made a significant impact or contribution which resulted in increased access and equity to services in their neighborhood especially during the Pandemic.
  4. YOUTH GROUP EFFORT OF THE YEAR: Effort of a youth group who has made a significant impact or contribution to improving the quality of life in their neighborhood and/or community.

NOTE: Youth are defined as 18 years & under.

Instructions. Criteria, and Checklist for Submission.

  • Complete the 2022 VSNC Award Nomination Form and submit as the cover sheet to your entry.
  • Submit a typed 500 word or less document clearly addressing a description of the project, how the project contributed to strengthening and supporting the neighborhood/community for future success and a description of the positive results/outcomes achieved as a result of the project/individual or group effort.
  • Letter of Support - Do not exceed (1) letter of support. The letter should explain how the project/organization/individual/group benefited the community & what they did to support you.
  • Submit no more than (2) attachments that capture the essence of accomplishments (pamphlets, articles, presentations, photographs, copies of resolutions/awards, etc.)
  • All pages including attachments must be on 8.5” x 11” white paper and readable.

All 2022 Award Nomination applications must be received electronically on or before September 9, 2022.

All nominees/nominators should be prepared to attend the Virtual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference’s Award Program being held on Saturday, September 24th. All winners may be asked to present a five minute summary of their winning project at the virtual Awards program.

Please direct any questions to Ms. Shellae Blackwell, 2022 Neighborhood Awards Committee Chair to: swblackwell10@gmail.com.