Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference Calls for Neighborhood Award Nominations

Posted August 19, 2021 at 9:16 AM, Filed Under: Featured

Through the years, the annual Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, Inc. Awards Program has recognized the accomplishments of outstanding neighborhood associations, organizations, civic individual and youth groups from across the Commonwealth who work diligently to enhance the quality of life in their communities.

This year's 2021 Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Awards Program will focus on recognizing grassroots projects, activities and accomplishments that strengthen & support neighbors and their neighborhoods- Neighbors helping Neighbors. If your neighborhood project or activity focused on efforts to support neighbors during the Covid-19 Pandemic and/or to increase equity and access we invite you to enter the VSNC, Inc. 2021 Neighbors Helping Neighbors Awards Program.

Eligible applicants include groups of individuals, neighborhood & Homeowner associations, an individual Youth or Youth groups and neighborhood watch groups. Submissions from a grassroots non-profit organization working in partnership with a neighborhood will be considered as an eligible applicant also. Eligible projects must have been initiated & completed in your localities between April 2020 and May 2021.

All nominations must be received on or before August 25, 2021. Click here for a 2021 Award Nomination Form and submit your award entries TODAY!