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2021 Workshops

The 2021 Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference, Inc. Planning Committee's goal is to provide a variety of workshops on a multitude of relevant topics focused on the conference theme of 'Leadership in Changing Times' for conference attendees. Workshops are designed to educate and inspire conference attendees - both youth & adults - to become engaged in various aspects of neighborhood work and help equip them with the tools needed to achieve their goals in communities undergoing change.

An overview of the workshops being offered during the virtual 2021 Virginia Statewide Neighborhood Conference include:

  • Panel Discussion: "Collaborating Together to Create Safe and Thriving Neighborhoods” (all conference attendees will attend)
  • Workshop 1A: “The importance of Succession Planning to Protect Your Neighborhood’s Future”
    (Attendee choice of attending either workshop 1A or 1B)
    Description: You've participated in your neighborhood organization for years helping to create a neighborhood of choice. Of course, you and the other participants want to ensure the organization and your neighborhood continue to thrive when you're no longer involved. Succession planning is the key to your neighborhood group’s ongoing success and longevity. Learn how succession planning can help identify who will lead when there is a change in leadership, volunteer when current participants are no longer able to, and help ensure your organization and neighborhood remain viable and healthy for years to come.
  • Workshop 1B: "Remaining Relevant in Changing Times”
    (Attendee choice of attending either workshop 1A or 1B)
    Description: Leaders, now more than ever, are wrestling with how to have the greatest impact within their organization while managing their personal lives. To stand as a catalyst for positive change, they must have the courage to be bold in Vision, Voice, and Vulnerability. Take a dive into the key elements of courageous leadership on a personal level and walk away with proven strategies for immediate action and transformative results from the living room to the board room.
  • Workshop 2A: “How to Lead a Strong HOA that Creates a Safe Community”
    (Attendee choice of attending either workshop 2A or 2B)
    Description: Leading a successful HOA is more than simply collecting dues, hiring vendors or maintaining rules. Running a community can be challenging; however, a successful HOA is a community of people with the same goals working as a team to achieve success. The workshop will explore topics that will help you establish a solid foundation needed in order to lead a strong HOA that creates a safe community for all members.
    Attached is a copy of the powerpoint presentation Frances McNulty provided during the 2021 conference.
  • Workshop 2B: ““Living Apart”: Geography of Segregation in the 21st Century
    (Attendee choice of attending either workshop 2A or 2B)
    Description: The lines of racial segregation in most metropolitan areas in the United States are as stark today as at any point since Reconstruction. This is not an accident, and it didn’t happen overnight. Rather, a combination of overtly racist federal housing policies and both individual and institutional racism throughout much of the 20th century, lie at its heart. The goals of this workshop are twofold. First, Dr. John C. Finn, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Geography, Chair, Department of Sociology, Social Work, & Anthropology Christopher Newport University, will use primary source documents and detailed, neighborhood-level maps to show how our segregationist history created, and continues to perpetuate, racial, economic, educational, and environmental inequality in neighborhoods and cities across Virginia. Second, Dr. Finn will demonstrate how historical and geographical analysis of our past can drive evidence-based decision-making in the present that can lead to a more socially and racially just future.
  • This year's 2021 conference Youth Café will offer the following three (3) workshops/activities:
    • Workshop 1A "The Power Within"
      Description: With this workshop, youth will learn how their grit, determination, and resilience can help lead them into places. Sometimes as young people, they feel as though they have to follow the crowd. This workshop will help young people to know that there is a leader within that has the power to overcome any obstacle in order to be great!
    • Workshop 2B: "Principles of Life & Leadership (Mind, Management, and Money)"
      Description: This workshop is created for the Next Generation Youth Leader. It is a compilation of some of the courses that we offer to youth and adults, and is filled with key principles that will help answer the five most important questions in life:
      • “Who am I?"
      • “Why am I here?"
      • “What can I do?"
      • “Where do I come from?"
      Each lesson brings positive principles to life and it is accompanied by questions that challenge each student to see and to activate these very same principles within their own lives.and a youth activity.
      Attached is a copy of the powerpoint presentation John Donelson provided during the 2021 conference.
    • Youth Activity: "My Story"